Point Break Financial Reviews: Is It Legit?

Point Break Financial Reviews: Is It Legit?


Discerning what is true and false in the Point Break Finance reviews can be challenging. Many people are currently struggling with debt consolidation. It’s crucial to ensure that you work with a reliable company.

This article will examine Point Break Financial to determine if they are a scam or legit. We will also go through the advantages and disadvantages of using their services so that you can decide whether or not to do so.

Point Break Financial, a web-based platform, connects borrowers and lenders. They don’t broker loans and do not make or fund credit decisions, product offerings, loans, or credit decisions. The web platform securely transmits the information to a lender. Your submission of information to Point Break Financial does not guarantee approval for product offerings.

Before you decide to work with Point Break Financial, there are some things you should consider. They are not a direct lender, and they will match you up with a lender that may be able to offer you the loan you require. Point Break Financial isn’t available in every state, and you will not be allowed to use their services if you reside in a form they don’t operate.

Point Break Financial has received negative reviews from customers who believe it is a fraud. It’s essential to remember that every service will have some negative reviews, which doesn’t necessarily make Point Break Financial a scam.

What Is Point Break Financial?

Point Break Holdings LLC provides this debt consolidation service. The company’s postal address is 1968 S Coast Highway #28, Laguna Beach, CA. Surprisingly, the website does not mention the CEO or other key personnel. If you are considering their services, this is something to consider.

What do we know about Point Break Financial, then? Point Break Holdings LLC operates them as a debt consolidation company. The website does not identify the CEO or other key personnel. This may be a cause for worry for you if you are thinking about employing their services in the future. Perform enough study before settling on a course of action.

Point Break Financial appears to be using a bait-and-switch scheme, but not for their customers. You will be lured in by receiving a direct mail offering of a ridiculous 5.99% rate to consolidate high-interest credit card debt.

Point Break Financial does not tell you that you must have excellent credit to be approved for the low-interest loan (which you were supposedly pre-approved for).

A third party will fund all Loan Requests. Point Break Financial does not influence the qualifying requirements for participating lenders in terms of creditworthiness, and the APR and interest rates will vary depending on the unique conditions.

Point Break Financial Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?

It is critical to research any firm with whom you could be interested in doing business. You may obtain a wide variety of results by doing a quick search on Google for the term “Point Break Financial Scam.”

It is essential not to take anything you see on the internet as gospel. However, there is a consensus that Point Break Financial does not appear to be a trustworthy company. They have been accused of fraud and referred to as “not a lender” and “predatory.”

Point Break Financial is a company we strongly recommend you reconsider. Many other companies can offer you the financial assistance you need without the negative baggage.

It would help if you were informed that using Point Break Financial to consolidate your debt comes with several drawbacks. They are not a lender, so you will need to use a third-party lender, which can be risky.

This company has been accused of defrauding many people. If you decide to use them, ensure you fully understand their terms and conditions before signing anything.

Point Break Financial is not recommended for debt consolidation. You have better options that aren’t likely to be scammed.

How To Apply For Point Break Financial $50,000 Loan

Point Break Financial does not lend money, but it can match you with other lenders. This company employs bait and switch tactics. Once you apply for a loan, they will give you one interest rate.

They are not going to give you the loan they promised. Many reliable companies can help you obtain the personal loan you need, and point Break Financial is not among them. Avoid this company and its baiting-and-switch tactics.

What does the Point Break Financial Service cost?

Point Break Financial isn’t a lender, and there are hidden fees. Point Break Financial charges a $500 upfront fee and adds additional fees each month you are enrolled in the program.

Their service’s actual cost is far higher than they claim. If you don’t pay attention, you might end up paying a lot for a service that isn’t helping you. Point Break Financial is a service that requires you to read all terms and conditions before signing up carefully. There is a possibility that you could wind up paying more than you had anticipated.

Point Break Financial services are not for everyone. Make sure you have the finances in order before you sign up. You could find yourself in a worse financial position than before. Before you sign up for their program, make sure to do your research. You could regret it down the line.


According to our Point Break Financial review, customers are accusing the company of being a bait-and-switch scheme that has been around for years. They promise low-interest loans but then increase the interest rates once they’re in debt. They target people in desperate need of money and leave them with more debt than before.

Point Break Financial is a lender you should be aware of if you consider taking out a loan. Point Break Financial may charge you more interest and fees than you thought. They’ll take every possible route to get your money if you don’t pay the required payments.

Point Break Financial is a legal company? It isn’t easy to say. They are a bait-and-switch scheme that can leave you with more debt than ever. If possible, stay away from them.

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