The top in demand skills to earn more income

If you’re looking for a way to make money, then there are tons of skills you can learn and apply to your life. Whether it’s proficiency as a programmer or 3D designer, there are so many abilities that can supply the income that you need.

But which skills are actually worth learning? How do you know whether a skill will pay off? It’s true that it takes some time to learn any new skill, but other than “trial and error” there’s no obvious way to know for sure. For example, I had to learn how to cook before I could begin earning money from cooking food. But you’ll never know if you don’t try.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the skills that are the most in demand right now and how you can earn extra cash with these abilities.

The 7 Top In-demand Skills to Make More Money


When it comes to programming, there are plenty of startups that are seeking coders to help with their technology. These startups can often be flexible with their hiring practices, so you can take a part-time job that meshes with your schedule.

The most popular language for programming is Javascript (JS), followed closely by Python and PHP. The amount of college programs in this skill is growing rapidly, which means developers are in high demand.

The average salary for computer programmers is $87,237 annually. If you’re able to take your programming skill to the next level and start working as a developer, then that kind of money becomes much more accessible.

Software Development

If you know how to write software, then you can create personal apps and web applications. Many people are looking for apps in categories like finance, health and lifestyle. These specific computing jobs are increasingly in demand due to the amount of unemployment within these fields.

Generally, the job market is difficult to break into. You’ll need a background as a developer before entering the market as a software developer. That’s why you should consider a career path where you can start out learning in an entry-level position before moving up to more experienced work.

Python and JavaScript, which act as the glue of web programming, are considered by many experts to be the most popular languages for software development. The average salary for software developers is $79,683 annually.

If you’re able to discover how to program software or create apps, then you’ll have no problem earning a comfortable living from it.

Web Development

Web developers work on developing websites and web applications. If you’re able to write code that can make your site more efficient then you’ll have plenty of opportunities for additional income.

You can also create mashups and applications in the online realm and sell them on the market. Tools like WordPress, Drupal and many others are becoming popular as it’s easier to publish and sell information online than ever before.

The average salary for web developers is $70,890 annually.

Since the market is competitive and you need to have a strong background of prior experience in order to secure a position, many people find it more comfortable to start out as a junior employee instead of trying to break into the field by being a senior employee.

Social Media Management

More and more people are becoming active within social media. It’s important for businesses to have social media management as it can drive traffic towards your business websites and increase the likelihood that they’ll invest in your company. The ability to work as a social media manager is especially useful if you’re already working in other jobs such as community management or writing copy for advertisements.

However, if you want to become a social media manager, then you need to start thinking ahead. It’s important to think about the type of platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that your audience uses the most. Also, you should consider whether or not it will be beneficial for you to learn more about analytics in order to determine what kind of content will perform better with your target audience.

The average salary for a social media manager is $52,000 annually.

If you’re able to build up a social media presence and develop interaction with your followers and customers, then you’ll have a strong sense of how to market an idea effectively online. It’s an impressive skill to have and applies to a wide range of positions.


If you’re able to write professionally, then it’s an excellent way to earn money at home instead of going out into the job market. It’s easy to compose a copy in the workplace and there are plenty of online sources where you can purchase unique writing samples and/or begin earning an income from your writing skills.

If you want to enter the business world, then you can apply for a position as a copywriter. This is one of the easiest ways to get started in the business industry, but you need to make sure that your writing skills are top notch before taking this step.

The average salary for a copywriter is $52,684 annually.

Digital Marketing Specialist

If you’re able to market a product online, then you can create great income from it. There are several different companies that have developed pay-per-click ad systems that allow users to monetize their online presence.

Due to the nature of PPC, it takes time and dedication to master the skill of creating effective advertisements. As long as you’re willing to learn how to do this work and manage your resources efficiently, then it will be worth your while. It’s important for you to focus on a specific platform that works for you and your audience. This can take some time but once you’ve found an effective strategy, then digital marketing can become a lucrative skill.

The average salary for a digital marketing specialist is $62,130 annually.

If you want to break into this industry, then you need to make sure that your writing skills are up to par before making a move towards the field. It’s an exciting area for anyone willing to take the time and resources necessary in order to master it.

3D Designers

3D modeling is a growing skill that can help people develop their career and business future. It’s not uncommon for companies to offer opportunities in the field of 3D design. In fact, there are lots of jobs available for those looking for a niche that can help them become successful in the future.

3D designers can take on many different roles and become involved with producing or developing anything from character modeling to promotional products and just about any other kind of job that involves creating things digitally. This is definitely an industry where you can get started quickly if you know how to create 3D characters, objects, environments etc. Some people make a living by doing 3D modeling and other related job duties.

More and more people are becoming interested in using 3D technology so as the need for 3D designers rises, the number of people looking for jobs will also rise. The average salary for a 3D designer is $62,000 annually.


All of these career choices are great for anyone looking to work at home and make an income in the digital world. The increase in technology has led to an increase in jobs that can be worked from home.

If you’re working a job but want something more, then consider the options provided above. Depending on your education, experience and level of enthusiasm, you can find a job that will allow you to work at home and create the life that you’ve always wanted. Even if it’s not exactly what you envisioned, there will likely be opportunities available so long as you’re willing to do the work necessary in order to break into these industries.

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