Top 10 Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream for many international students, offering a world-class education, cultural immersion, and amazing post-graduation opportunities. But the cost of tuition can feel like a barrier. Fear not, ambitious minds! Canada boasts a wealth of scholarship options to help international students like you bridge the financial gap and turn your academic dreams into reality.

This blog post unveils the top 10 scholarships waiting to be claimed, from prestigious government-funded awards to university-specific gems. Get ready to discover opportunities that match your academic excellence, leadership potential, and field of study. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the path to funding your Canadian education!

Scholarships For International Students in Canada

1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS): This prestigious government-funded program awards doctoral students demonstrating exceptional scholarly achievement and research potential. It’s highly competitive, but the rewards are substantial, covering tuition fees and living expenses.

2. Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS): Another government-funded gem, the OTS targets high-achieving graduate students in Ontario. It provides financial support for doctoral studies in fields crucial to Ontario’s economy and society.

3. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships (PETF): This program seeks doctoral students who are not only academic stars but also dedicated to social justice and public service. PETF scholars receive financial backing alongside leadership development opportunities.

4. University of Toronto Scholarships: The University of Toronto, a renowned academic powerhouse, offers a wide range of scholarships for international students. Explore their website to discover options tailored to your program and academic level.

5. University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow Award: UBC recognizes exceptional international students with this scholarship. It honors those who demonstrate leadership qualities and a focus on global issues.

6. York University International Student Scholarship Program: York University offers a comprehensive scholarship program for international undergraduate students. Awards range from partial to full tuition coverage, making York an attractive option for financially deserving students.

7. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships: The University of Calgary acknowledges high-achieving international undergraduate students with this scholarship. The awards provide financial support throughout the undergraduate program, making Calgary an excellent choice for top performers.

8. Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships: This program seeks outstanding students from developing countries who contribute to the global community. If you excel academically and demonstrate a commitment to improving your home country, this scholarship is worth exploring.

9. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program: This program offers full scholarships and support services to talented students from Sub-Saharan Africa. It focuses on students who will contribute to the development of their home region.

10. Provincial Scholarships: Several Canadian provinces offer scholarships specifically for international students. Research scholarship opportunities in your desired province to uncover hidden gems and additional financial aid possibilities.


This list provides a springboard for your scholarship search. Remember, numerous other scholarships exist! Research universities in your field of interest, explore government scholarship websites, and don’t hesitate to contact financial aid offices for personalized guidance. With dedication and research, you’ll find the perfect scholarship to launch your Canadian study abroad adventure!

FAQs On Scholarships For International Students in Canada

1. Which scholarship is easy to get in Canada?

However, some scholarships might be less competitive than others. Here are a couple options to consider:

  • University-specific scholarships: These might have a smaller applicant pool compared to national programs.
  • Scholarships with broader eligibility criteria: Look for scholarships that focus on a wider range of achievements, not just top grades.

2. Can I get a scholarship in Canada from Nigeria?

Absolutely! Students from Nigeria are eligible to apply for many scholarships in Canada. In fact, several scholarships on our list are specifically designed for international students, including those from Nigeria.

3. Is Canada still accepting Nigerians?

Yes, Canada is still accepting Nigerians for immigration. Canada has a strong immigration system and actively seeks skilled workers and international students.

4. How long does it take for Nigerians to get study visa for Canada?

The processing time for a Canadian study visa for Nigerians can vary depending on a few factors. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Nigeria Student Express (NSE) Pilot Program: This program offers expedited processing times of around 20 days for eligible Nigerians applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or post-graduate diploma program at a designated Canadian institution.
  • Standard Processing Times: For applications outside the NSE program, processing times can range from several weeks to up to 3 months.

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