AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

Embarking on the quest for optimal car insurance involves sifting through a myriad of options. In this AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance Review, we actively explore the intricate details of this policy, shedding light on its unique features, benefits, and considerations. Whether you’re a seasoned policyholder or new to the world of auto insurance, join us as we guide you through the policy landscape, empowering you to make the best choice for safeguarding your vehicle.

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance is a popular choice for Australian drivers, offering a range of coverage options and competitive pricing. The insurer, renowned for its customer service excellence, clinched numerous awards, including the 2023 Canstar 5-Star Car Insurance Award.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Easy-to-understand policy documents


  • Limited choice of repairers
  • High excesses
  • Potentially slow claims process

About AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance

Established in 1969, Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, widely known as AAMI, stands as a prominent general insurance provider in Australia. Offering a spectrum of insurance options, including home, CTP, health, business, and income coverage, AAMI has solidified its position as one of the nation’s largest car insurance companies.

AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance plan distinguishes itself by providing customers with the exclusive flexibility to opt for either market value or an agreed value. This sets it apart from competitors, who usually confine customers to a single option. Within this framework, AAMI empowers customers to choose an agreed value within a specified range, covering both a minimum and maximum value. This distinctive feature underscores AAMI’s commitment to providing tailored and customizable insurance solutions, distinguishing it within the competitive landscape.

AAMI takes pride in its customer-centric approach, emphasising on its website that it actively seeks input from customers to define what constitutes “great insurance.” As of 2023, AAMI boasts a substantial customer base, with 2.5 million policyholders across its various insurance categories, as indicated on its LinkedIn page.

However, despite the substantial customer base, AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance has garnered only 1567 reviews on Australia’s premier consumer opinion site, Product Review. This limited feedback reveals a less-than-enthusiastic response, with customers rating the car insurance provider at a modest 1.9 stars out of 5.

Who owns aami car insurance?

AAI Limited owns AAMI Car Insurance, and Suncorp Group Limited, a publicly listed diversified financial services group in Australia, owns AAI Limited. Suncorp Group operates in banking, insurance, wealth management, and payments.

AAI Limited is a leading general insurance company in Australia that provides a comprehensive range of insurance products to individuals, small businesses, and corporate clients. AAMI is a market leader in car insurance, home insurance, and pet insurance.

AAI Limited has a number of sustainability initiatives in place, including a commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

What is covered?

If an accident occurs, AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance offers a range of services and assistance to quickly restore your mobility. This coverage includes a replacement car if your vehicle is unfit for road use, comprehensive after-accident care, and protection against accidental damage, among other benefits.

An overview of the inclusions, exclusions, and optional add-ons for AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy is provided below.

Break-in Security

In case of a car break-in, AAMI’s policy protects items like clothing and electronics, covering theft or damage. Exclusions apply to cash, vouchers, phone cards, or items readily exchangeable for cash. Notably, baby capsules receive coverage up to a limit of $500.

Coverage for Accidental Damage and Post-Accident Assistance

AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy extends protection to accidental damage sustained by your vehicle, offering comprehensive support for subsequent care. This covers towing costs to the repairer, secure storage, and transportation to/from the repairer or rental car center, or from the accident site to your next destination.

Will AAMI Replace my Car if it’s Written Off?

Certainly, AAMI might replace your car in the event of a write-off, granted you have Comprehensive Car Insurance, your car is under 2 years old, and you are the initial registered owner. Nevertheless, meeting specific eligibility criteria is crucial for this benefit.

Does AAMI give you the choice of a repairer?

No, you cannot choose your own repairer. AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance assigns the repairer for your vehicle, and it might not be your local mechanic or repair shop.

Is Free Roadside Assistance Included?

AAMI comprehensive car insurance does not include free roadside assistance. You can, however, purchase it as an additional add-on to your policy.

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AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance: Add-ons and Exclusions

While AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance doesn’t automatically include roadside assistance and windscreen cover, you have the option to add these features as supplementary choices.

AAMI’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) states that it will void all claims if:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Unlicensed driver;
  • The car is unregistered;
  • Incorrect Fuel Usage;
  • If you utilise your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as ridesharing;
  • Wear and Tear, Rust, or Corrosion;

What is the cooling off period for AAMI comprehensive car insurance?

AAMI offers a 21-day cooling-off for car insurance. You can cancel within 21 days of the start or renewal without penalty. If no claims are made, you get a full refund for that period, but coverage stops.

How Can I Get A Discount With AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance?

AAMI recognizes and rewards safe drivers with a tiered benefits program. Over ten years of claim-free driving, you can earn a maximum credit of 15%. This aligns with the widely recognized ‘no claims bonus’ offered by many insurance providers.

AAMI’s ‘drive less, pay less’ approach seamlessly integrates your driving habits into your premium calculation. This ensures you pay only for the mileage you cover, eliminating the need for annual mileage reporting.

AAMI offers extra savings on Comprehensive Car Insurance: $50 off online, up to 10% with skilled drivers discount, and a substantial 20% reduction for bundling home and car insurance.


Where is AAMI based?

AAMI is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.

Who underwrites AAMI car insurance?

AAMI car insurance is underwritten by AAI Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suncorp Group Limited.

Does AAMI have monthly payments?

Yes, AAMI provides the flexibility of monthly payments for insurance, letting you manage your payments on a monthly basis.

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